Why editors should not try to "clarify" technical details

Found in the "Classical Guitar" newsgroup of all places!

"In over 40 years of working on various government and defense contracts, this is the only long article about a high tech project I am intimately familiar with that does not contain significant errors of fact or interpretation."

" My favorite was an article on global warming, which quoted some expert as saying that the average global temperature might soon increase by as much as 2 degrees Celsius.

"Some helpful editor added this parenthetical remark: '(35.6 degrees Fahrenheit.)' "

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Update -- Dental worse than just a cavity

Well, well.

Turns out the cavity itself was not the cause of the pain.  There was severe nerve trauma and an infection that needed to be treated with a root canal.

The lidocaine is wearing off and some residual soreness is asserting itself.

This is also going to take several visits, because I needed to be referred to a specialist.  It appears there is at least one very narrow canal that requires someone who only does these things just to safeguard the surrounding structures.  This was a very sensible precaution but it does mean this couldn't be all done today.

Yowch.  And it turns out brushing and flossing were not even responsible for this, so there was no good way to prevent it.  It was just bound to happen given the situation.

Start flossing, dammit!!

" I can't get into flossing, I can't. People who smoke say you don't know how hard it is to stop smoking. Yes I do. It's as hard as it is to START FLOSSING.  'You seem jittery.' 'Yeah, I'm about to floss.' " -- Mitch Hedberg

Half a decade ago, I got a root canal.  It seems that for several years, a cavity had been developing between two back teeth.  I didn't notice it because I assumed the pain was from gum irritation.

Well, stupid me, I believed after the one tooth was patched and the one that couldn't be saved was replaced with a cap, that this was the end of it.  I would pay extra attention to brushing what was left, and everything would be fine for good.


Between teeth, is exactly where cavities are most likely to re-appear behind the fillings.  This time around seems much worse, with shooting pains being transmitted to nearby nerves... in hindsight, I recognize that an earache a couple weeks ago was actually my first symptom of the cavity. 

I'll be getting it fixed in a week, but until then I'm on a high dose of ibuprofren and a normal dose of depakote... seems when I take them at the same time, the anticonvulsant properties of the one seem to boost the anti-inflammatory qualities of the other.

And extra brushing sessions temporarily numb things somewhat.  Keeping sinuses clear and maintaining good posture takes away some extra pressure.

I'm never gonna run out of flosspicks again.
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Quotable quote of the day...

About Peter Jackson's "King Kong" (and by all means, those of you out there who haven't taken an interest in this... /both/ of you... you gotta see this on the big screen, don't wait for the DVD), I offer this Quotable Quote:

"...Detail-oriented Jackson could probably turn "Goodnight Moon" into a three-hour epic."
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Crisis != Danger + Opportunity!!

foomf, you might be interested in this one. Then again, you might not. Say lah vee.
Victor H. Mair

Key quotes:

There is a widespread public misperception, particularly among the New Age sector, that the Chinese word for "crisis" is composed of elements that signify "danger" and "opportunity."

I didn't have the heart to disappoint my gullible neighbor who was blissfully imbibing what he assumed were the gems of Far Eastern sagacity enshrined within the pages of his workbook. Now, however, the damage from this kind of pseudo-profundity has reached such gross proportions that I feel obliged, as a responsible Sinologist, to take counteraction.

A whole industry of pundits and therapists has grown up around this one grossly inaccurate formulation. A casual search of the Web turns up more than a million references to this spurious proverb. It appears, often complete with Chinese characters, on the covers of books, on advertisements for seminars, on expensive courses for "thinking outside of the box," and practically everywhere one turns in the world of quick-buck business, pop psychology, and orientalist hocus-pocus.

The of wēijī, in fact, means something like "incipient moment; crucial point (when something begins or changes)." Thus, a wēijī is indeed a genuine crisis, a dangerous moment, a time when things start to go awry. A wēijī indicates a perilous situation when one should be especially wary. It is not a juncture when one goes looking for advantages and benefits. In a crisis, one wants above all to save one's skin and neck! Any would be guru who advocates opportunism in the face of crisis should be run out of town on a rail, for his / her advice will only compound the danger of the crisis.


Now Re-introducing...

Well, I goofed. Tried to update this one and bring it to the front, and ended up losing the original.

So, lets try this again. New and improved, with the large pic on the page.

May I have the good fortune to re-introduce:


One wicked kitty

This is the new alter-ego of PancakeBunny. Look at those eyes!!

A little photoshop work, and some Paintbrush airbrushing on the background, was all it took to transform this originally innocent kitty (yeah, right!) into the dark figure shown here. This looks even more striking when viewed directly from my journal with its black background.

Pancake Bunny will need to be vewwy vewwy careful!